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Hi there! Let me tell you what Deesignre is all about. Deesignre is a blog, filled with articles about visual design, UX design, graphic design, book summaries, all there to help you become a better designer. A webdesign design blog for interaction, UX and visual designers. We noticed that there are little blogs out there really focussing on creating better designers, we hope to fill that gap. There is a lot of knowledge out there about user experience, user research, but very little on for example creating beautiful designs. Deesignre is by designers, for designers. Offering experience, knowledge and tips that helps you create better and more beautiful designs.

A bit about myself: I’m an Art Director at a Dutch leading design agency. Mainly designing websites for large service focussed brands such as insurance companies, bank, energy companies or retailers.

Ready to start reading: head over to the homepage and see what we have.


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