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Hi there! Let me tell you the two reasons for this blog.


I noticed that there are little blogs with a focus on the visual aspect of design that educate designers to create more beauty. I hope to fill that gap. There is a lot of knowledge out there about user experience and all its side topics, but very little on creating beautiful designs.


This second one is selfish and not user-friendly. It has everything to do with me and not you. I noticed that by blogging I force myself to deep dive into certain topics, develop opinions about the design world and all its topics, and stay 100% up to date about all that is happening. It’s just a nice side effect if you happen to like the content here.

A bit about myself: I’m Mark, an Art Director at a Dutch leading design agency called We are you. Mainly designing websites for large service focussed brands such as insurance companies, banks, energy companies, or retailers.

Ready to start reading: head over to the homepage and see what we have.




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