Why you should Sketch

Hey there, thanks for reading.  In this post I’m going to tell you why sketching is a good idea, and why you should do it too. There are several reasons to sketch:

  • To make something understandable or clear for yourself or others
  • To generate idea’s real quick (this is why I sketch mostly)
  • To figure out how your artwork/drawing is going to look like

I’m going to explain the first too since they apply to design jobs the most.

To make something understandable 

Here I am going to give you an example of a situation when I used this reason to sketch. At this moment I’m working as an intern at an Interactive Agency, which makes interactive digital products. But I didn’t quite understand how they gather clients, when they speak to clients and how the whole process within their business was going. So I sketched it out. Here is an example below. Now image yourself in my situation, I could also write it down, which would probably be arround one page full of text. Now when I forget it, like half a year later, I have to read the entire summary again which I made a month ago. Or I could take a look at my drawing, which explained the company, and after 30 seconds I would understand it again.

sketch 2

To generate idea’s real quick 

This is an often used reason to sketch. I used to sketch quickwireframes in Photoshop or illustrator, but I figured out I could generate way more ideas on paper. The reason for this is, sketches don’t always have to be understandable for your co-workers, so you can roughly sketch some possible layouts for a website and then compare them. Once you’ve made final decision, go into your favorite program and make your high/medium fidelity wireframe.


Sketching is creative

Sketching, drawing, making mind-maps, whatever you can think of you don’t do on your pc, is way more creative than using your mouse and keyboard. While sketching you get way more ideas on your way, it stimulates your creative energy. So grab your pencil, and create creative out of the box ideas! You can share those with me below if you want :)