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Micro-Interactions: making people love your products

Dan Saffer says it is the way to create “The difference between products we love and products we tolerate”. Some say it is “The way to explain a lot without using words”. But I know them as Micro-Interactions. I’m convinced we should pay more attention to micro-interactions in our design, so I hope I can convince you as well.

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Spend more time on choosing images

As James Chudley states in his book “The Usability of Web Photos”, some people find it strange to talk in term of usability if we talk about photos. But photo’s help us create a certain desired user experience in more ways than we mostly think. Often people use photo’s as a place filler, just to have something in the header of their site. Or they don’t want to spend too much time on choosing an image, I’ll explain why this is a wrong approach, based on a book from Five Simple Steps.

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How to use and combine images

Using images in your webdesign can be really hard. Because beginners often face the problem that the images actually makes their design looks worse than without an image, but they don’tknow why this actually happens. Or maybe you have to use two or three images on the same page, but only one images actually fits the design, and the others don’t seem to fit where they are right now. How do you solve and handle this?

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Adding balance and tension in your design

White space and balance in design is kind of a vague and artsy subject. So don’t expect mathematic solutions on how to make your design look better. It’s about developing a way of looking at your design, seeing things differently, and then being able to make your design look better. That’s what you will hopefully learn today.

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